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The British Antiques Company - Specialising in high quality Victorian and Edwardian, 19th to mid-20th Century furniture from England and France, we have hundreds of vintage items available to buy online and dispatched straight from our warehouse in Henderson Rd (Singapore). From antique bookcases and chairs to vintage china and kitchenware, we have carefully sourced and selected some of the finest pieces and you're sure to find something to complement your home or garden.

We really believe in the design appeal, quality and longevity of the products we sell and not only that they offer great value for money compared to buying new but have a reduced carbon footprint.

Vintage Table and Bureau

Vintage Table and Bureau

Adorn your living room with refined and unique Antique and Vintage coffee... 

Antique Shopping in England

WHY PEOPLE BUY ANTIQUES AND VINTAGE - Lets hear from Annabel Joy- An expert in Antique and Vintage collector

Well-cared for antiques and vinta go up in value over time. While prices rise and fall (many experts say that now is the best time to invest in antiques, by the way), antiques are a good investment over the long haul

  • It Tells a Story

    Vintage pieces have soul, a sense of history and gravitas, durability, so you can one day pass them on to others. Antiques are more than furniture; they’re physical pieces of history infusing your home with the stories of our collective past. That old dresser holds more than clothes- it’s a keeper of secret histories.

  • It’s Better Quality & A Smart Investment

    Unlike today’s mass produced furniture, vintage pieces offer superior craftsmanship that will last a lifetime. Have you ever noticed how heavy vintage furniture can be? It’s because its not hiding cheap particle board or plastic guts beneath faux finishes. Some items, like hand knotted rugs, even appreciate over time! There’s a reason Manafort was buying all those Persian rugs.

  • It Creates a Sophisticated & Trend-Proof Home

    A sophisticated home is a well curated one. In other words, it’s all about the Mix. Vintage pieces add texture, contrast, and personality to any style space and pack the most punch when juxtaposed with modern pieces. When you pair old and newer pieces, they highlight each other’s differences and the result is a home that’s truly original.

  • It's Green

    Go Green. Buy vintage over fast /disposable furniture. Antique and Vintage pieces are the most environmentally responsible choice for home decorating because they’re 100% post-consumer content.

    Plus, when you buy an antique, you’re supporting a small, locally owned business and ensuring your furnishings don’t come from a sweat shop. Doesn’t that feel better than ordering something from a faceless corporation? Here’s to being socially responsible!

  • It's unique

    Antique and Vintage furniture allows you to curate a home that’s one of a kind and expresses your personality instead of looking like everyone else’s. It’s a buzzkill to walk into a friend’s house and realize they have all the same furniture and decor as you do- your home should feel original! Thankfully, antiques are unique and offer nearly endless variety. I’ll sum it up with another of my favorite quotes from The Young Collectors: “There’s no such thing as a McBlanket Chest.”

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As the home of unforgettable experiences, there's always something wonderful to discover at The British Antiques Company.

Vintage Tea & Coffee sets

Vintage Tea & Coffee sets

At NeandNi.com we believes that beautiful antique and vintage items should be... 

Royal Albert Lady Hamilton Vintage Teaset
Queen's Vintage Flora tea set