About Us

Hello, Thank you for taking the time to visit.

This is a home of elegant collectibles and household items, from beautiful fine bone china to meaningful furnishing. We hope the wonderful experience here at our store brings a smile to your day.

Why 'NephewandNieces'?

These two words, 'Nephew' and 'Niece', might seem extraordinarily normal.. however.. its meaning to us is on a whole different level. Everyone is at one point of their lives, is either a nephew or a niece to someone else. Nephew and nieces are the members of the family that connects generations to each other and brings family together. Vintage and antique pieces, likewise connect generations, carrying tales of times and cultures eroded by the ages.

Here at Nephew and Nieces Vintage, We carry out business with firm values, treating everyone, as we would our own family. We firmly believe in socially ethical business practices, such as giving back to the society through the form of charity and protecting the environment. We uphold the importance of being truthful to our customers and always putting our values ahead of profit.

Our Antique store located in Singapore : 213 Henderson Road #01-04 Singapore 159553

Opening time: 11 am to 7 pm daily

Come down to visit as at our shop, or contact us for enquiries. Furthermore, we run a blog, new contents nearly every week. If that's not enough, look us up on facebook. See you soon! :)


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