Do you hear bells jingling?

Do you?

Once again, it's almost that time of the year. A time when the resonance of our choruses fill the air. When our children are locked in smiles of anticipation.


Here at Nephewandnieces, we celebrate Christmas with food and drinks, family and friends. Fir trees, shiny ornaments or even festive pudding. You name it, we have it. People often ask, "What is the best part of Christmas?" Presents? Food? Probably not. For us, it is definitely the gathering of our loved ones. Its a time where we share festive joys with people around us. When we acknowledge and be grateful for things around us.


However.. For most of us, Christmas can be rather troubling. Decorations.. party arrangements.. Budgeting? Ugh.


Fear not though! Nephewandnieces to the rescue! Here are 5 ideas that would cost you below 20$. Decorating your home should not be a hole in your wallet after all!


1) Paper-plate Angels - Easy, cheap and looks good!

Learn to make these 3D guardians here:




2) Candy-cane Vase - A classic yet innovative DIY 

Learn to make this 'sweet' decoration item here:




3) Wine Glass Snow Globes - Elegantly Beautiful

Learn to make this piece here:

source: Wikihow 


4)Jingle Bell Stockings - What more is there to say about this? Christmas socks!

Leaqrn to make at:




5) Pottery Barn Advent Calender - Hidden surprises for the entire family

Learn to make at:



Share your ideas with us in the comments below and stand a chance to win a vintage teaset! Keep a look out for our next post! Happy decorating!

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