How tea benefits your health

Tea is good for health. Its common knowledge, isn't it? How though?

Not many of us actually know. Let nephewandnieces enrich your tea knowledge!


Most research attributes tea's health properties to Polyphenols, an antioxidant Despite most studies focusing on well known teas such as the green and black, white and oolong also brings notable benefits to us. What tea lacks in variety, it makes up with powerful health benefits.


1) Tea boosts metabolism and endurance. Research has shown that catechins in green tea increases the body's ability to burn fat as fuel for energy. Less fat, more endurance? Awesome.


2)Tea protects against cancer, cardiovascular and degenerative diseases. These includes heart attack, parkinson's diesease and the various forms of cancer.


3)Tea is hydrating to the body.


4) Tea has been found to improve bone density and strength.


These are but the mere proven basics of tea! There are many more benefits that we'll share the next time. Stay tuned for our next post, in which we'll teach you how to brew an excellent pot of tea, the vintage way~

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