Living in a Dispensable Society, 6 Reasons Why You Should Own Antiques

Living in a Dispensable Society, 6 Reasons Why You Should Own Antiques

Throwing things out has become a way of life, if something breaks, it gets replaced almost instantly. Our smart phones are replaced to the new models, regardless of its working state. This goes without say for furniture, where households constantly replace their furnishing and toss their current ones to the dump. 

It is an indisputable fact that we live in a 'dispensable' modern society. Our output of solid waste has risen notably over the past few years: In Singapore alone (A Small Country with around 5 million residents), waste generation has increased from 1260 tonnes a day in 1970, to a high of 8402 tonnes per day in 2015. That's an alarming surge of nearly 700%!

"Old, obsolete, out of fashion" These are some of the words that pop up if you search "Antique" in a dictionary. I firmly disagree and here's 6 reasons why antiques are great:

1) Antiques tell stories.


Each tiny etched line, each finish of paint, every small mark of an Antique tells an important tale. Every curve, design and marking carries the weight of a time long before, of ancient customs and etiquette, of luxury and hardships.  Passed down from family to family, Antique and Vintage pieces connect generations with these promises of marvelous tales and might very well even be a distinct link to your own heritage.


2) Antiques Are Made To Last


Most furniture made in the past were created with the idea of lasting long. Many of them were handmade with intense care and precision. Unlike modern mass produced furniture, which are made to last a fleeting period of time (then replaced when damaged/broken), Antiques were built to last generations, to be handed down as heirlooms or cherished by another family. After all, if a antique table has lasted 200 years worth of meals, it probably will definitely last the daily grinding of modern lifestyles. Yes, Antiques do come with their own sets of cleaning and maintenance rules, yet despite that, each usage mark and imperfection is cherished and celebrated instead of frowned upon.


3) Owning a Antique Means Saving The Environment.


Buying a piece of antique, in its own way, is the ultimate form of eco-friendly shopping. Antiques are naturally being recycled and reused as they're passed from hand to hand. Owning an old piece also means extending its already impressive life cycle, very few products can boast such an impressive lastingness.


4) Antiques are Classic.


Antiques are classic pieces, meaning that you're always 'ontop' of the trend cycle. Don't ever worry about your furniture being out of trend ever again. Each piece of antique is unique its in own way, having beautiful lines and luscious curves, you can't go wrong with them.


5)  Antiques are 'one of a kind'.


Each piece of antique is unique. Yes, there are many of the same styles out there, but each piece is carefully handmade, every stud is thoughtfully pressed in, one by one. There is close to a zero percent chance that you'll ever see an exact identical. Unlike modern furniture, which is mass produced, antiques are one of a kind.


6) Antiques are investments for the future (Or the past).


Antiques, if well cared for, increases in value over time. Unlike modern mass produced furniture that gets thrown away or sold to the bone and rags man at the end of the year, Antiques are a good investment in the long run. While Modern furniture are like new cars, (their values take a dive the moment you drive it off the lot), Antique's value continue to grow as time goes along. 


What are some of the other reasons you'll own antiques? Let us know on our facebook @ Nephew and Nieces Vintage Store.

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