Yves Saint Laurent’s adorable Russian Style Holiday Home By Chrissy Tasker

I saw an article about the legendary Yves Saint Laurent's Enchanting holiday home in Russian quite a few years ago and thought I would share again with all our beloved fan today. The French designer would have been 85. His love for Russian started in the 1950s and continues after his death in fragrances and cosmetics released by the brand.

I love the way he use bold and wonder  colour in his Dacha ( holiday home in Russian) Called " La Datcha"

The house is filled with bright colour stain glass doors and windows often reminded visitor of the Russian Orthodox monastery.

He and his then partner Pierre often retreat to this charming and cozy home for short get away.

So much so that even after Yves Saint Laurent's passed  away, Pierre could not bring himself to apart with this adorable cottage. Even from the outside the dacha looks like a gingerbread house is from fairytales!



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